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Shell Oil

Date:2012/11/23 18:43:04 Hits:8635

Shell Oil had a tall order: create a promotion that demonstrated “no gunk in the gas.” T&B filled the bill with a microfiber towel. The “collect all three” giveaway aligned Shell’s NASCAR sponsorship with fuel purchases at Shell’s convenience stores nationwide. 

Packaged with the NASCAR 2008 schedule, the first step to sealing the deal was generating lots of samples very quickly. From the initial
estimate of 3 million to a final order of 25 million, the challenge then became getting the full order completed in 60 days and on a boat
from China to the U.S. 

T&B quickly did the math: 600,000 towels would need to be produced every 24 hours in order to meet the deadline. So a T&B
representative packed his bag and  literally lived in the factory to make sure production stayed on track and the product met quality

The partnership between the factory, T&B and the client proved a huge success with towels that exceeded expectations and were
delivered on time.


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